Baking Backwards is a new vegetarian baking blog devoted to inventive and health conscious sweet and savory baking. It is called Baking Backwards because my aim is to produce familiar dishes using new techniques and better-for-you ingredients -- starting at the end in search of new beginnings.

In short: I know what I want, but I'm experimenting with how to get it.

Who I Am

Danielle Dewar, a food writer and former pastry chef, rediscovering dessert as I face gluten intolerance and seek balance and a healthy lifestyle.

Going gluten free has saved my life. I have no regrets, only serious baking ambition.

Who Eats the Food

Me and mostly my husband, family and friends eat the food shared on this blog. My husband is a healthy eater and omnivore so he is the perfect taste-tester for Baking Backwards recipes as he can compare what my versions of things taste like (very handy for my vegan and gluten-free recipes)!

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Contact me: duziedew@gmail.com